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  • Rich sorry about biscuit he is an absolute knob,only too happy to help.If you need any help in the future just give us a shout.Biscuit does not speak for me or the rest of the team,his time on this earth may be short lived,if he keeps posting ****!!!!!!!!
    Also mate, the other Team I want to put in is the 1st Team so it would be good for Tigers, Firm, Method and Distruption to play each other. Would be good for all these Teams to have hard games as thats whats going to happrn when they play the Milleniums

    Hello mr harris hows everything been not spoke in like 2 years, i was thinkin of paintball today alot so decided to come c if you were still on here lol ill send u a message with ma number man u need to get intouch :) (Y)
    Ok. Had a big re build this year. I leave em to it now as most of my time is spent on the site and CPPS events for Balls Out Promotions
    Nice to hear from you rich just got myself settled down again now just brought some kit and selling some unwanted items in the kit deal hows the team going.
    hello old bean long time no see how the feck are ya what you up to man looks like you got a nice set up now.
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