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    You just need to take it out of the packet and re take the picture,so its then used.
    Ah i see, Well.. Maybe somtime in the future enough people will be enthusiactic (cant spell :p) enough so you can get it back up eh?

    Btw where down Farrington do you live? i live on Eton, lol.
    we never started Lincoln Storm back up - I just played a few legs of the PA with Mean Machine in Xball and then guested for a team at the last Masters. I just find the whole scene a bit poor now compared to what we used to play a few years ago.

    Hi mate - I was speaking to Eric at the Masters last week - he told me it was likely. I think I'm selling my kit - the scene is just nt what it was and not worth the effort at the moment.
    Hey rich, Destiny Closed down. and i was wondering, Would it be possible to train with Lincoln Storm? :)

    Get back to me,

    - Arran
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