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  • Hi Pete, Hope you're well!
    Did you hear this GI/Procaps purchase was confirmed? Last I heard Procaps got out-bid by Tippmann...
    Hi, that is no pronlem atall i understand ive been taken the piss out of before with purchasing stuff online, so totally understandable! if anything changes about this rule could you let me know?

    Hi, Josh, I'm afraid the only guys who are allowed to post some form of advertising or promotions are the people who take out a banner ad or skyscraper ad and then these guys are able to post these promotional type ads.

    We had to enforce this because some people were taking the pi$s and my customers, the guys who take out the banner ads you see on my site get pis$ed off because they are advertising on my site and all of a sudden, some guy who works from home advertises their products or services for bugger all and of course, this just isn't fair on my customers.

    My first priority on are my customers basically because they are all my friends anyway but they provide the means for this site staying alive, without them, the whole stack of cards comes crashing down and I'm not prepared to compromise my friendship or business association with them.

    I'm sorry about this but at the same time I hope you understand why we need to do this.

    hi robbo, im starting up to spray paint Markers and was wondering if i could post a thread letting people know that i am doing this for good prices at high quality. i work in a garage with all the correct paint so its all lagit paint and top quality, have painted my invert mini purple and black and looks IMMENSE!
    look foward to hearing your response
    Josh (JT Shooter)
    Hi Robbo,
    Its only Sparkie & Em, seen that post has been deleted for the weekend, not sure why, have i put something wrong on the post?
    hope things are going well for you with the mag and your other venture, if your there at the weekend we'll see you for a beer or food!
    mark and em
    Bladerboy, no problem, just let me know what you want it changed to.

    Hi Robbo, I was wondering if I could request a username change?

    Here's the deal, I like to think of as my house, a house I have friends and guests around. And as such, I prefer the company of some individuals and sometimes not others. Since I own this house, it's best really if you're not rude to me or even sarcastic because it tends to pis$ me off and you end up not being invited around again. Now, with you, being such a smart man, a man of such intellect and obvious humour, you can maybe guess where this is going. I don't give two sh!ts how much time you invested in creating your masterpiece of a post, when I told you to 'ask robbo' it meant aske BEFORE you took it upon yourself to repost. So, take your post elsewhere, it and you are not welcome in my house any more.
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