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  • I have one issue, you state "Employing some use of basic maners." Surely basic maners should also come into effect when removing peoples threads. People spend time creating, editing, taking images, uploading images etc, for them to be removed without warning. To the best of my knowledge, I followed all the for sale guidelines and a simple thread reply saying "Please edit this..." would had been fantastic but nevertheless as you asked, here is my second attempt below and I'm sorry for my first message.

    Hello Robbo.

    How are you on this beautiful English evening?

    Please can you advise me to why my advert on the 'for sale' section of your website has been removed?

    Thank you. Simon Crampton.
    I'd pick my friends more wisely in the future if I were you .. unless of course you share his views and behaviours .... do you?
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