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    Kit Clear Out (Ongoing)

    Judging by the sales post mate all the rotor ones have sold
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    Kit Clear Out (Ongoing)

    Would you split the lenses?
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    JT Proflex Mask

    Yeah, I'll get photos up later tonight
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    JT Proflex Mask

    How much would you want for the smoke lense?
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    JT Proflex Mask

    Would you be interested in a prosheild faceplate
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    Ego 10 or 11

    Someone must have one sat in the loft doing nothing apart from collecting dust! Any colours considered Thanks
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    MWAG strap (monkey with a gun)

    Looking for a Monkey With A Gun strap, ideally in good useable condition so none that are baconed please. Thanks!
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    JT screws

    Yeah meant to say the 3 on the right
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    JT screws

    Can I take the 3 on the left please
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    JT screws

    Maybe 3
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    JT screws

    Quite simply put I've managed to loose the sets i did have. Post up what you have
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    LV1.5 Pads and JT Parts for sale

    I'd be interested in the strap and ears if you do decide to split. Do the ears come with screws?
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    Clone VX - Laysick Ego 10 -

    For some people (me) this is the holy grail! I've always wanted one of these ever since seeing method use them. Sorry to thread jack but I'd be happy to put an offer in on it
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    Full setup

    I think tank is due it's test in October of this year?
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    Retiring - Marker, hoppers, pods everything.

    Are the fluffies and pod swab still available