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    Eclipse M170R for sale

    PE M170R Black with gold accent. As new Condition. Has hAir valve installed. (Original in box) Comes with everything as new. Very light use, less than a case of paint put through it. All spares complete and unused. £500 all in to your door (uk only)
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    Got one now

    Wanted - Freak XL back In black preferably and Autococker thread. Cheers Russ
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    Dye attack pack pro

    Selling my dye 4+7 attack pack pro Only bought in august. All velcro and straps are in perfect condition. Only wear is one of the rubber logo is starting to peel (pictured) Only looking for £35 posted. Or can be collected from cpps this saturday 11th for £30 and ill throw in fatboy pods if...
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    RADARchron and renegade pads

    Hi guys Got a RADARchron for sale. Good condition and new batteries recently. When compared to a new chrono used at cpps the calibration is accurate -£50 Pair of old school renegade pads. Great condition for their age - £20 Also have an extreme rage pack and a dye pack. - £15 each or both...
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    Dye c6/c7 gloves

    Last of the old dye kit im looking for!! After a pair of dye c6/c7 gloves in blue or grey size L Thanks
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    Dye rhino tank cover

    Recieved. Great condition, especially given the age!! Very happy
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    Dye rhino tank cover

    Ill take it. Send paypal details please
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    Dye rhino tank cover

    Haha. All too familiar with that!
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    Dye rhino tank cover

    Are all the velcro and zips ok on the grey rhino? Any damage not in pic?
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    Dye rhino tank cover

    Trying to find a dye rhino tank cover. Really dont like these plastic new style ones 1.1ltr/68ci size In blue (pref), grey or black
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    Dye i3 foam

    Hi guys In the process of rebuilding/cleaning an old pair of i3 for my daughter to use. Unfortunately after a short soak in warm water to clean out the gunk from the lens frame the foams have stripped off. Are these fixable? Can they be glued back in place or is it gonna be a new lens frame...
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    Replacement dye i3 lens

    Looking for a cheap clear or tinted i3 lens. Im in no rush as im referbing an old pair for my daughter. Must be in as new condition. Thanks
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    Karnivor and Bits

    Are the ATCs uk 9 or US 9?
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    GoPro/Action camera

    Hi guys, Was looking at the possibility of getting an action camera for my I5s, and have a couple of questions 1. What brand can you recommend 2. The i5s come with a go pro mount, is this universal or just for a go pro, 3. Will a camera take a paintball hit? Are any available with paintball in...
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    selling up full kit grab a deal(UPDATED)

    Payment sent