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  • sorry for belated message..

    well done on the 10man, was great shooting you!!

    last game made the day!
    hi mate. yeah we got the field now just need a blower and the bunkers need a good clean but should be up and running soon. as soon as it is we hopping to hold an open training session and invite people along and have a big BBQ. so ill keep you updated mate. wont be able to make NPF this weekend i was there last sunday training with Karma. will you guys be at CPPS on the 30th?
    Yes pal, playing! Got to get you guys up to Uttoxeter shooting some real paint - spoken to Gurkha about it and we're sorting something out soon!
    Ah ha! But I'm down on Sunday and will take it then! So don't forget to give me the marker this week before you leave! Lol!
    hell yeah man, just took abit of time for us all to "gel" together:)

    see ya around soon buddy
    Might be working mate, if I get a spare couple of mins ill have a quick game, but i wont be playing all day...far to expensive this close to big game, got many more faces to shoot
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