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  • Hi Simon
    Have you got a phone number for Wendy, southern masters as we are thinking of entering the next event
    Alright Si,yeah it's Graeme from the Regs or now South Coast Influence.Hope your keeping ok,it seems like ages since I last saw you. What are you up to nowadays?
    awe, thats sweet man , i never knew you were expecting , congrats man ,

    ahh thats kinda gutting man , but at the same time good, as you get a new start with new faces and all sorts, yeh im playing with shock 2nd team,

    if you ever need a second coach you know how to get in touch man ..

    good to hear from ya ,
    stay in touch
    that sounds fabulous!

    Probs getting myself down to D7's again this week, want to work on some stuff :p

    hope to hear from u soon, excited to know when i can join you for drills :)
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