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    Indoor paintball venue

    I just found this place through Google dude (y)
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    Heroes vs Villains

    Yeah…..I get that, I don’t normally complain but it just didn’t even feel like a game! I spent £97 to basically not really take part :(
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    Looking for Fluffies and Pod Swabs

    Yeah, I was given be from here. Those would make good pod swabs but eBay want stupid money for one fluffy :(
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    Looking for Fluffies and Pod Swabs

    Had one fluffy and I lost it. Looking to see if I can get more here before I head to eBay :D
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    Heroes vs Villains

    Ok so I had a GREAT time! Got VERY drunk, engaged in some Karaoke and generally had a great time! Was a bit pissed off (I wasn’t the only one) with how they did things. I felt the Marshalls were just letting things slide when they should have been hot on it e.g too many people cheating, firing...
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    Heroes vs Villains

    I usually decant my paint into my hauler but yeah I have 7 of the big Dye pods so Won’t have too much trouble ;)
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    Heroes vs Villains

    So it’s my first ever paintball weekend next week. Kinda excited I must admit, anyone from here going? Prices of the paint are quite good considering (only £34 a box) and there’s quite a selection. Anything I need to be prepared for? :)
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    Which Trigger Valve

    Hey All, I know it sounds daft but just wanted to know what you guys suggest. Looking to upgrade my Emek and not sure wether to get the DeadlyWind Hair 45 or go for the Eclipse Option Once that’s done it’s all the way for the Fang Trigger! :giggle:
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    Paint Recommendation

    I bought a box of Empire Paint :) Not sure which grade (Red Ball with writing on one half & yellow fill) I’ll be honest, I wanted to try anything that wasn’t Tomahawk so I could get some different paint experience. As for the event itself it was EPIC! I had so much fun and it was even more...
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    Paint Recommendation

    Thanks Chief, I really didn’t think that ;)
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    Paint Recommendation

    Ok so I know I have asked this before to a degree but I will explain. I’m off tomorrow to NvS Homecoming at Warped and I’ve discovered they will be selling and letting you use other paint than just Standard Tomahawk and that’s all I’ve ever shot. They’ll have Valken, GI and Pro Shar there so...
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    Basic Equipment Needed

    Yeah I have :ROFLMAO: Bought an emek in January and now it’s just trying to sort out money to buy shiny upgrades
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    My First Big Event!!!!!

    So as North vs South has been cancelled I’m going to go to the North vs South “Homecoming” event at Warped on the 25th. I’m both nervous a s quite excited as I’ve never done a big game yet. 400 players is going to be nuts and definitely up there on my Paintball Bucket List. I just need to...
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    New Trigger for Emek

    This cropped up in my emails. Is it any good? Or would you still recommend the Fang Trigger?
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    Facebook group

    One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!