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  • Its not that too much and the mods don't like it, just don't want to have a running convo on a thread... just doesn't seem right :S

    Bunkers are easy, you have-
    Back left
    Back Right
    Back Centre (the above 3 - no matter what the field is you will nearly always have one of these, doesn't matter what it looks like either.)
    Cans (the ones that look like cans)
    Dumpy (smaller cans)
    T-bags / Doritos (the big triangular bunkers)
    Temples (about 1.5m high cube with it tapering towards the top)
    Tower (BIGGER Temples about 3m high)
    X-box/Door/Bricks (the elongated thinner rectangular cube)
    Snake (each long section of a beam which is about 600mm high, so the one you would use to crawl)
    Cake (the low prism usually attached to the snake)
    M (The big M on the millennium field)
    Trees/Pins (dumpy height except much narrower)
    Those are the Bunkers used in the millennium, in fact they are labeled in the attached link -
    What the bunkers would look like in 3D -

    Of course there are differant bunkers depending which fields you play at so you will just have to come up with you own names for them.

    Its difficult finding a well commited team, it would involve you having to personally taking possibly holidays off, cleaning the team pots, long journeys travelling to training sites, Money, hard graft and Dedication to stick with it.
    In for a Penny in for Pound, you have to go all into it and show commitment, learn the ropes first, get yourself to as many walk-on's training days as possible.
    Something to get you started, post something up on here about joining in with some guys, get the address and any other information that you might need, it might probably be the closest site to you -
    aaa i see ok, so to much and the mods dont like it?
    hopefully i will be in a team one day, id like to be a serious team, committed you know? but still up for a laugh! anyway thats a while away and im just going to carry on learning, one question the fields you play on, how do you map them out? i watched the UKS videos and they were calling the bunkers "carwash" and "50 doritio" whats all that about?
    Yeah we train as much as possible. I believe we have every weekend up to campaign filled with training. This week it is training on Sat and then Reffing the NSPL on Sun.

    Felt I have said enough on the thread, don't want to have a convo on it as the mods might frown on it.
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