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  • Look at the training site thread, bricket wood got back to me! sounds like we could be going for the day, dependant on others

    Buying bunkers looks fairly dear.
    Look in the training thread and look at my thread, Bricket wood is about 20 minutes from daves house so that could be a possibilty to train say once next month or something, its 1hr 20mins from peterborough :)
    And aswell, if u wanyed bretts taking a team up to 'shoot the rainbow' which is a weekender at the end of september if your intrested :)
    from what i understand combat are gonna be putting another site up near swaffham shortly, or if you guys wanna travel follow the link in my sig for our current site. as for buying a field cheap mate no such thing. minimum for a 35 piece setup is £2000 so start saving, cause if it was cheap they would be everywhere.
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