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  • package arrived this morning at ten-ish (when I was writing that message) and I pleased with what I got cheers!!
    it needs a whole new ram housing as the threads a fooked so you cannot tighten the solenoid to it (unless you get it helicoiled i suppose) and yes you need a solenoid gasket.
    I would check its the same spec as a shocker one but its defo a humpires as i has to buy the red remains just for the noid/ram and housing to get the GWC one finished.
    yes its a humpries mate, some had mac noids and some had humpries,shoots mint just use a hp output bottle reg on it.

    i contact you for the logo of draxxus.

    can you send it to me at

    thanks you very much

    ps: sorry i'm french so my english not very good ;)
    Gonna give them a ring and see. they list slg ULs at £209 I believe, their steelies seem a bit overpriced (£70 whereas I've seen the same PE bottles going for £40 elsewhere), proto kitbag for about 90ish, couple reloader 2s for 30ish, and then maybe packs, ASAs, and clamping feednecks if the budget allows. All times 5.
    Was gonna try LiPS since they've been really good to us, and we need lots of other stuff too so might as well try doing a job lot and save cash that way. Unless of course he can do a reeeaaaally good deal :D
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