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  • we weren't using 50 cal but we had a team in germany using in in the M5 who podiumed.
    yes dartford is closed on sunday. we will be at Bricket Wood on saturday but that is full on sundaty. I am waiting to hear if dagenham is open on sunday as we have people travelling from liverpool. We may have to cancel the weekend if we cant get both days in. Although we may make sunday a gym day.

    Dont worry about the bunkering - that's part of the game bro.

    you may have got this message twice.
    yes dartford is closed on sunday. We are at bricket wood on saturday but sunday it is full. I am trying to see if dagenham is open. If it is then sunday we will be there. if it is not we may cancel the whole weekend as I have guys travelling down from liverpool.

    Dont worry about the bunkering - it happens!
    Hi Spike,

    this is Raptor, the Austrian who cant hold his shots!
    Sorry for this again, but it seems that I have to much things in my mind, which I shouldnt bring to the field! I am really sorry! Please tell also your teammate, wich I bunkered after he was already in the 50bunker, that I am sorry!

    So, if you still fine when I train with you let me know! I swear I´ll pull my self together!
    But I heard rumors, that Dartford is closed and Brickedwood is full this sunday!????

    Please let me know!!!

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