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  • M8 its Gaz[old bugger but remember when u blew yourself up!!!!!!!!!!!] been laid off, hard times, had to give my phone back, lost your number,,,,, but stalked you......sod it entering a team in KOTH next year.... go... gravity hoppers only.....2 pods only, fun.
    hi nige, bj here. bought your mates black gold 05 a couple of years ago. dont suppose you know who would have a new light bolt for sale would you lol
    Nice to see your still active. Was going to send out a search party lol.
    Hope you are well.
    hey Nigde, you want to get a day sorted with Nicky sometime ? Nicky's been in touch. Im just wondering if some of your lads are interested ? Possibly at Nemisis just north of birmingham ? LMk soon, got to let team and Nicky know. Thanks, Alan.
    Lost your mobile number :eek:
    It is funny :p Just a bit of fun though :)

    I'm great thanks! Loving paintballing even more :D
    How are you?

    I might have a slight problem with Avalanche theres a slight chance I may be playing paris so I am finance juggling atm!

    Hows the team/everything?

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