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  • G-Day to you fella, I have a son that lives in the Sussex area Near Worthing, he`s played woodsball only and hasn`t had any training from me, as he's always said NO it's not for me ? Well he's changed his mind and has just posted up on our forum I want to start playing are there any teams in the Sussex Area, I know of GBH and yourselves, used to be Worthing Halloweens ( don't hear of them now ) are you taking on at the moment as I`m too far for him ? ? ? Yeah I know what your thinking, youngsters who wants them ? he's financially viable and is mobile, BUT NEW...Pm me ...Bluey...www.care-bears-uk.com
    hi mick

    yer i can make that training . if you could let me know the field cost and the paint costs please

    cheers connor
    G-Day you handsome fella you, is that all the friends you got, better put us up then, Happy Xmas to you and all, from all the Care Bears ..........Bluey
    Hi mate its Louis about the pmr, its been almost three weeks and no payment has been recieved its starting to get worrying please can you contact me asap when you get this message my number is 07900053797 thanks
    hi mate just got ur message on the forum
    sorry its a bit of a late reply but had to talk to the guys
    If you are looking for guys mate we will definately be up for it, it would be myself and a mate called justin who have never played tourney's before and also we have a mate that is already on a team that would be interested as well as his team are lacking enthusiasim and hardly ever have a full team
    Where do we go from here?
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