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  • No pal sorry :-(

    I bought that on behalf of a team mate, who has long since sold it.
    he got back to me after i threatened reporting him for scam and he actually said "why are you being so nasty" :S :S :S this guy cant be for real. thanks though mate
    hey man, did u ever receive your item from theNakedPlayer ??? im going to move forward and report him for a scam if he doesnt get back to me by monday
    stokey my good man when do you expect i will recieve my bundle of joy as im balling sunday :D
    Yeh Yeh of course lol
    Went Everton on Saturday bit of a let down :(

    Yeh thanks you know any other places in the cheshire staffordshire area to paintball ? ? ? iam goin unreal alot now i really like it there, but iam just thinking about trying some other places you know

    Hopefully gona get myself some gear and stuff soon tho :D
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