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  • Are you still playing for mean machine? I'm hoping to do a walk on at NPG Uttoxeter this weekend then got a rental group together to play there in april with work. Feel very rusty an djust hop emy old joints will take it.;)
    That's great, had visions of you hobbling about for a while. Plus its agreat excuse to get more new stuff no doubt. :D
    hi mate me again did you say you add a eclispe shaft 2 back forsale and and white tip to match back? andy
    hi mate did you find pics of white bits if not send email addy send digicam pics on ? or trade anything same value of kitbag sale andy
    hi mate guess what your white oops knob as turned up today! package has been torn and opened but oops seems to be ok will post out first thing monday morning andy
    got my black oops knob back today mate thanxs still not got yours you sent me like i said if turns up will return andy
    me again mate if your oops knob turns up i will gladly return it back to you! im really sorry that ive not recieved it this end dont no why get every thing else of this forum has i took the oops knob of the white sl oops system in pics to do the trade! thats why i need it back otherwise the system will be useless hope yours turns up! you can get a claim form from post office upto £34 on lost items on first class post if that helps once again sorry andy
    still not recieved yet mate think you need to put a claim in with the post office ? you got mine very next day! but yet ive still not got yours? dont no how much these are worth from planet separate if can get without buying full oops system! but at a guess £10? so can you either send mine back or money to replace and claim your loss back from the post office i get reciepts with every item i send out so you should have a reciept to show post office at your end andy
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