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  • Hey buddy - how's the etek2 working out for you? Noticed you bought a green one like my old one. I'm bobbing upto Planet 2mrw I think so if you need anything, let me know - as long as its under 100!
    erm 8 id say if games start @ nine
    ill check tommo though for ya ....... you busy tommo mate .. if not get down to unreal were doing some training about 10/12 of us will be there from bout half nine
    think i going with Asa ... but lee n slater need a lift !!!! theyll sort ya out still dude !!
    im having problems getting the money, and i may need to leave it.

    i do want one and will get one in the future though :)
    Hey stoke you still got that paint you asked Hammy to get you?
    If so is it for sale?

    Regards Danny.
    I'm good,
    Trying to find where i can get a Larnivore Autococker from.
    Do you know of anywhere?

    Regards Danny.
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