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  • aww, no need to use an excuse like "my son wants some warhammer" it's OK stokey, we understand if that's what you're into
    hey, first outing with the proto on sunday at congleton, a few hiccups but workin fine now! had a few problems with the air on/off valve. ma mate has all tootled off to get new markers already now haha
    alright mate are you goin to the next walkon at unrealpaint site becuase im going just wondering if your going
    u still after this pmr bud, upgraded to an ego so could use the cash to run some paint through it, send me ur best offer :)
    ahh ok sweet, well when you got them up link me or whatever :D
    will you be at the next training?
    iv added your msn - i got it off matty, if thats ok?
    ahhh ok, it was my 3rd time playin sup air and my first tourny, gotta love it!
    you getting everything or do you have it all now? (gear wise)
    any vids of us by any chance? :cool:
    im the one with "weil" on my jersey, i was playing in Mean machine 1 with healy, adam, etc :)
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