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  • hey mate,

    I have replied to your thread with pictures of the gat - your inbox is full so couldnt reply to your message



    Its not that I don't want to answer them, I simply haven't been on the forums.
    The post office didn't have the package, but they said to try at the depot, and there it was.
    No one should be falling out anyway, I am not to blame for the mess ups of the royal mail. Not to mention the 3 weeks, to a month in which I waited for payment because the money was "burning a hole in your pocket" I re-posted the package today, so it should be with you soon.

    Hi mate let me know what the best is you can do so i could look at getting a new marker for example a dm9 or dm8 and i will let you know :) would you also want the lp bottle with it as it has to run on lp ? Its a steely bottle btw lol
    Hi mate feel free to make me an offer on my a1 fly mate let me know what the best you can go to and ill let you know if you want mate ?
    if you want to meet in Grantham tomorrow, let me know i'll have the IR3 with me but prob not going to be ablew to be in Grantham till 5.30 call me on 07882326509.
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