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  • Hi mate, paypal is iian_posh@hotmail.com - it was quicker to send you It this way rather than pm as my phone is SLOW! Will get them sent out tomorrow for you providing payments been made!
    Once i have the marker then i will let you know but i would think it not to be a problem as i might even have a spare one but will have to search it out.
    I will drop you a pm in a few days
    Please clear your PM's, mate! If it will help you, I can do the whole lot for £40 - that's everything. LMK.
    Thanks for the message. I have sold most of my Ego 5 spares now, but will have a look in my spares boxes over the weekend to see if I have anything left. I'm pretty sure I have some Hybrid grips to fit an Ego 5, and those are quite rare now.
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