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  • haha
    well, i have a like new shocker that i might sell, just got a Dye DM5, **** hot :p yeah well my team will be training alot more down there so you can run around with us ha! yeah its a seriously active game, like play football really :p my feedneck is stuck on my hopper, what do i do? ha!
    we need make a few more come lol . and i so need get fit lol wish i had not been ill for 8 month would not have put on so much fat round the middle lol and be so slow lol think my m8 bert will be down next week end i might have enof paint left for me and may get another down . the one useing rental think is going to get a marker but wants to get a sniper kind of one lol
    all clean now lol umm worked out me and m8 used nearly 4000 balls lol good day shame other lads didnt come cos it was to much as they put it .
    dude hows things got my new mask and a box of broken paint ball fcuking stupid delivery drivers dropped it on floor when come in . should have a marker sorted but i still want a go on yours lol . should have a few down in a few weeks of the site think there just come down to kick my butt lol
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