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  • yeah true but i'd rather have it done with in a week. i work for a removal firm so it wouldnt be my car i'll be bashing up =] but yeah i'm coming down sat with a bigish group so i'll be about. most liking be the one with a fag hanging out my mouth ordering burgers.
    ahh i done my theory just saving for intense course which is like 700. yeah well depending how much i get paid i might be buying a ego off the forum friday maybe. i'll let you know a price. im based in hythe, but im working in the industrial estate behind that matalan(sp) for a while and more then likey be trying to get to shoot every other weekend to try and get back into the swing of things.
    i got one of them pmr08 the limited addition ones i brought last year sittin in the cupboard, i dont even think its been used yet. trying to flock anything i can atm to fund a ego and driving lessons gahh its hard to save. TBH i only use my ps3 as a blueray dvd player! xbox is wayyyyy better =]
    yeah used too nothing special just getting back into it. trying to sell my damn ps3 to fund a ego 07/08. yeah would be good if you could get some pics, been a while.
    yeah man i would of if i didnt have work! you got any pics of the site? new burger van aye! I might have to bring some extra cash!
    ha no you dont. I just saw your from ashford and i just thought it would be shoot the boss. whats it like now im going sat for a mates bday anything changed sinced about march/april last year?
    hello mate i just saw your wanted post about sup air field. Some guy pmed me not too long about about a field i think it was 27 bunkers used a few dates in 08 and he was from kent. i will try and find what he was called and tell him to contact you.
    btw the site you on about its not shoot the boss it is?
    cool. i cant do saturdays as i have work. will be in london at tower on sunday and possibly tuesday. hope work is all well! this wednesday we have a few players commming down that i play with, who are very good indeed.. would be good to play!
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