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  • The wild gease day is off, paul pulled the plug on it a few weeks ago.

    Been busy with house and holidays, other than that same ol things.
    Hello John,

    Hows things? Hope your well.

    are you up my way anytime soon?
    hello dave
    pepes will not be around mate but for you i will get them in...will leave them in the van but get them in at lunch ..how much am i still in credit with you ...as thinking of jobbing bretts air bottle..
    see you soon
    ok dave
    going out to the urban game this saturday/sunday in exeter but other than that not to much going on..getting fat on the pasties and beer but all in good fun ..will make sabs at the latter end of sept poss oct so we can chew the cud so to spaek...have the eds been up there yet ( did say they will start up again) if they do then drop afew low balls in for me ...john
    hi john
    not to sunny most days lol,
    how is the guest house business going, hope everything is going well for you mate
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