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  • Hi Tom
    I remember way back when you used to sell heavy duty macroline and fittings. Do you still have any?
    Tom I wonder if you can help as I think Gassy is having a bad day or something..!

    He has deleted my thread after only allowing me 30 minutes to unpack all my gear, take new photos, upload them to photobucket and then add them to my thread..! This was simple not enough time to do so for me and now he is telling me I have to write an entire new thread out..!

    Whats up with that!
    Why delete the thing, just move it, i was putting the pics up when you deleted it if you had looked you would have seen that.

    Can you recover the thread please.
    Hi Tom, Can you get back to me on that ULE mag body please?

    Did you post it back? If so I'm worried that it's gone AWOL

    I see you're from Cardiff, I'm from Newport and was just wondering where the best places to go paintballin are around here.
    Hi Tom,
    Appologies for digging over old ground but just been doing a search on Angel Speed 06 barrel kits etc looking for a freak, Pipe or similar and am up against it. Noticed a very old thread where you mentioned being able to re mill original Angel threads to speed 06? Is this still something you can/will do? it's just that I have an Evil pipe set that would be great to have back in play... Completely understand if passed sell by date :eek:)

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