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    Help me please

    I’d say to go for: Semi 10.5BPS FIRE MODE- choose SEMI - Semi automatic firing up to max ROF ROF Cap- Choose On. ROF Eye On- Choose 10.5BPS ROF Eye Off- You could still choose 10.5, or the lowest will be 8BPS. If your hopper will feed OK then you won’t need to drop the ROF cap for eyes off...
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    Help me please

    If you select a mode such as “semi” then the ramping settings will be treated as off, they will only apply if a ramping mode is active What’s the gun? Then we can give you pointers for what to select
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    Help me please

    Trigger Bounce was when a trigger would fire more than once per pull. This could be due to recoil, wobble, etc. It could also be an overly sensitive short trigger pull Electronically additional signals could be sent as the switch cycles Debounce is a setting to allow for erroneous bounce...
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    Help me please

    Is it “ROF eyes on” and “ROF eyes off”? If so then that is to allow for a lower ROF if you need to switch the eyes off. When the eyes are running reliably then they detect when the next ball is in the breach ready to be fired. You can have a high ROF set, and as long as the hopper is...
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    Help me please

    Use good batteries, carry spare batteries, basic tools and your manual - if it came with a carry case and accessories then that’s you sorted. If possible then download a PDF copy of the manual to your phone You can then deal with 99% of any problems or have the help of another player...
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    What's your dream job?

    An ‘easy male prostitute’? Or a highly class one?
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    How many post before I can sell?

    This is not a shop, the classifieds area is a trading area for members of the forum Facebook segregated single interest groups out of forums, it made them sub-sections of the paintball community, but took a hit on the wider community People are welcome back, and it’s entirely possible to use...
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    How many post before I can sell?

    If you want instant classifieds access then it’s included in Platinum membership under account upgrades: Otherwise it comes for free over time with 20 posts contributing to the forum over about two or three weeks
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    dead man walking :D

    I see no problem with this - particularly in a tournament. If you are ignoring a player that isn’t acting dead but just being non aggressive, then you are not paying attention, and/or your team communications have failed. When you are eliminated you are to raise your hand and leave the field as...
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    Transporting Kit When Playing Abroad

    A legitimate F stamp is provided by the manufacturer —— if it is compliant
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    Classifieds Update - Important Information

    Platinum membership here:
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    The New President of Gi, A Silly Billy? ... A brief update on the man who's just landed the top job in Paintball ....

    By leaving the EU we wouldn’t benefit from free movement of goods Import VAT would apply, so outgoing stock would be liable to the receiving countries / EUs VAT equivalent With no deal / Trade agreement then under WTO arrangements import duty tariffs would also apply (the tariff on a class of...
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    Removing a disposable CO2 tank

    When you remove a disposable co2 cylinder you lose any remaining co2. So if you would like to use as much as possible then leave it fitted — but that does mean you are keeping a gassed up gun in storage.... keep it unloaded, with a barrel condom fitted, safety on (and / or battery off - but...
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    Site Gear

    As an aside it may be worth referring to the Paintball Magazine YouTube channel Martello is setting up another site and has begun a ‘series’ on progress
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    playing footwear?

    A few guys I know use American football boots I’ve not worn rugby boots for decades For ankles it will depend on how you run and turn etc in boots without ankle support, twist fast and grip well without ankles support and you could twist your ankle With support then you’re obviously better covered