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    Query About UK Paintball Marker Laws

    They are biodegradable, (and non toxic) Note - if you have pets and if they eat enough they will be sick and have rainbow turds. Vet bills are best avoided One of the following is one of my pics of swept up balls in the corner of a CPPS field, the other is a random one from the Internet The...
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    Query About UK Paintball Marker Laws

    If you try first strike then that’s produced in a different way (as it is half a ball with fins) and has a different paint mix then most other paintballs So you would be unlikely to notice minor changes between batches With normal paintballs you won’t need the super duper ultra fragile premium...
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    Query About UK Paintball Marker Laws

    In 80’ you should expect the ability for accurate shots. Most people’s experience of paintball is at the rental level, with guns selected for maintainability and reliability to actually shoot with lots of abuse, and paint at a grade that could be in stock for some time - sites only know how...
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    Query About UK Paintball Marker Laws

    Air weapons are a classification in firearms legislation So paintball guns/markers are firearms and air weapons Exceed 12 ft pounds and it would not be considered a ‘low power air weapon’ and would be treated as a section 1 firearm It can be argued that paintball guns aren’t ‘rifles’ and...
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    Apparel Release Dates

    In any industry manufacturers will target key announcements and/or releases at major trade shows or events. For paintball that’s pretty much the World Cup to maximise the hype, but could occur at another major event, or actually release at a different time during the year. If you want to pay...
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    Old Old Paintball Kit

    Try selling the MaxFlow to bikers ..... After Gommie passed on and the ‘appreciation society’ expanded out of paintball we found out more of what he had been doing ....
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    Pay it Forward Paintball Style

    Pay it forward 2020 @Tony Harrison has effectively reinvigorated ‘Pay it forward’ by offering to donate some gear to a new player elsewhere in the forum. I plan to have a nose around my gear by or at the weekend and will put something up then In the meantime if anyone fancy’s putting something...
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    Basic Equipment Needed

    Good man @Tony Harrison @slowreality is a fairly new member so his permissions may prevent messaging us. I’ll drop a message and I’ll have a couple of things that I can throw into the mix, so if possible let us know your address and we’ll do some goodness to help our karma levels I’ve got at...
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    Basic Equipment Needed

    If you're referring to a pod bag as I would then its not necessarily worth buying as an individual. A pod bag is supposed to be for carrying pods, when there are a lot of pods. Such as a tournament team who load up a number of pods in staging, grab them for each round, discard them when...
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    New Unused Angel Sb

    Sneaking into the edit history, the original asking price was £850, and £500 was the last price shown
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    Recommended Paintball Trousers

    It took me about 10 years in paintball before I bought paintball trousers (and they were just paintball branded lightweight ‘training’ trousers - pretty much just combat/cargo trousers. Because they were cheap on sale) My first proper paintball specific trousers came soon after for free in a...
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    I want to just go shoot something!!!! *Totally Paintball Related*

    I haven’t shot anyone since November ... and for the last few years have been on the field but rarely playing. This year was planned for some gameplay again, with some difficulty fitting things into the diary without clashes. Now I’m spending my time changing the diary to red as things get...
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    Collective opinions on which mask and why

    Mines nice and simple Theoretically possible ..... but if yours needs specialists then the odds are they might not be able to make it up with inserts
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    Collective opinions on which mask and why

    Have a look into prescription inserts. There’s a company that’s marketing to paintball (YouZee clip ins) but there are many brands out there. I got some from They can send out samples to test the beat fitting in goggles (for the price of postage) Others have things such...
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    How Do (Walsall area)

    I’ve tweaked your thread title to flag up that you’re based in Walsall. A few teams watch the forum, but paintball is still quite fragmented on Facebook In normal circumstances a stroll around CPPS and saying hi to a couple of people at the trade stands or watching the fields usually soon gets...