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    PL markers

    Rare marker guide:- As for how they come into being, Planet work with the team on the design artwork, as far as I know. Team guns go into general circulation when the team is given (or has to pay for) next season's gear. Some teams are...
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    Query About UK Paintball Marker Laws

    You could just buy an airsoft RIF. Lower price than paintball markers, higher velocity, no mess to clean up, less noise, airsoft pellets don't get damaged in transit or break in bags, etc.... Just an alternative, as many paintball players play airsoft.
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    WTB Aftershock Jersey

    Your best bet is the jersey BST page on FB, but they are pricey - $150+. A cheaper alternative is Raza - brand new for less than half the price of used, but I understand they are backed up with orders.*aftershock*
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    Eclipse M170R, £390 posted

    Sold off-forum. Thank you!
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    WTD : Virtue Vio Crystal

    @ScottyOh , these don't really come up for sale very often. I had every colour of them, but sold them all. Virtue are running their stocks down because of the new BK mask, so the closest you are going to get are these:-...
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    Selling gear

    Hi @Oliver - apologies for the delay, I'll get the cash over to you later when I finish work.
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    Basic Equipment Needed

    @slowreality, don't buy combat pants. They'll get wet through in typical British weather and don't offer a great deal of protection. A fellow player has just died. He was a nice guy and did a lot for people, and has inspired me to be a better person. Let me know what waist size you are and...
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    RIP Tim Montressor

    I'm shocked - longtime pro player Tim - and the man behind the ICC - has died. RIP.
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    Where next for the NXL.....

    Still no dates for the NXL regional conferences. HK are running their 7-man event right now with 23 teams - the finals are today. I don't know about the players, but the refs are certainly socially distancing - they're not moving from the sidelines. I've been watching on GoSports, but the...
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    Selling gear

    That's fine - let me have your paypal!
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    Selling gear

    I'll take the Tigers jersey, the HK gloves and the Dye i4's, please. Let me know how much you want for postage and I'll get the cash to you.
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    Maybe that's why it's called Tomahawk. Because it's like being hit with an axe. Plus cash.
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    Eclipse M170R, £390 posted

    Now £390 posted!
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    Looking for Clone 5S, DM14 or Geo 3.1

    Thanks Luke. I've started my shift at work so I will sort those for you later if you will please bear with me. I did try to upload them on here but the file size was too big - can I email them to you, please?
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    Looking for Clone 5S, DM14 or Geo 3.1

    @Luke H, thanks for asking. The "puffing" is exactly this:- O-ring change and lube should sort it, but there is a possibility it could be the solenoid - though it still clicks and registers as a shot. It's priced accordingly to reflect the...