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  • aye definatly, I'll see if I can get some of the NV and uni paintball lot out, could well be a good one
    carnt yet mate will have to when i get home because im in class at school and im on this internet usb stick thing which wont let me on bebo but will on facebook type dexter strickland in and let me no when you have done it :)
    Cheers mate :)
    Erm no idea when the dates are,
    But I dont ask enough questions tbh..Im not the best person to ask..LOL
    But i imagine it wont be anytime soon..
    dunno tbh, was playing against them today, they seem to be having some drama queen moments with players. see how it goes

    yeah, blackburn will be good, just remember its a training feild rather than a game feild. you are always welcome to come down if you please.
    aha yeh it looks like i'd brake it just holding it or if i accidently slammed it into the ground lol...we were gonna get personalised tops but took too long, i think we're gonna have same tops but different masks and trousers...i'll be rocking black profilers with blue mirror lense and olive proto grind pants
    well i wouldnt mind a pm8 if sum1 traded it for 360 lol i am cash poor but electronics rich lol yeh mini is quite good my friend had a bit of trouble with the asa wobbling or something but i tell him its crap and rip it out of him for having a mini lol
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