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  • one's shooting a mini me and the three others gunning the pmr...yeh its all good shoots a beaut...tho nearly traded my xbox 360 for a downright sexual looking ego 06
    lol im an eejit em rookie division, its with the NSPL (natwest south west paintball league) no roster online as of yet one may appear on the name is Romford Renegade lol
    im not sure about the open or the gathering yet, there is talk about us going down to the masters so will have to wait and see
    well not in a team as such me and a few friends are entering NSPL KOTH 5 man tourny...hoping to go uni in september so can't really join a local team...but hoping to join one when i get have you been yourself?
    hi mate cheers never mind even the iron men have there off days :), cost wise about £100ish the quote i got was for all the parts but im not getting a few bits done like the trigger and asa or feedneck it should of cost about £150ish but because of the design they are doing it cheeper and the difference i will donate to the charity,
    you will have to pit it up against one of the Egos on site and find out! :D well I need to get myself some shut eye, I will hopefully see you tommorow and we can go get some paint to feck around with our marker firing modes to our hearts content, night bud.
    I know for a fact though that I was ignorant in the beginning, nothing compares to the accuracy of the top end markers, its undoubtably a case of you get what you pay for, and for shelling out £360 I think I will get myself a very interesting third round of the SPPS! :D Its not going to take five trigger pulls to get my marker to fire dead on my target, first trigger pull of the Etek and its TEA BAG ONES GONE, TEA BAG ONES GONE! lol
    here come on the PMR for its price range is a pretty nifty looking number and it aint the worst shot in the world, although after experiencing an Etek, ive just realised how awful the trigger was, I'll never walk a PMR again, not unless its been fitted with a new trig!

    we absolutely must get a private supair training session ENTIRELY devoted to snap shooting and drills.
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