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  • hi rob just to remind you about trigger grip frames for my piranha and the other hopper for jay he thinks hes going to have enough money with him on sunday
    hi rob have you got a shell for a viewloader revolution you said you might have one at asylum the other day
    hi rob can you get your mate to email me a copy of his barrel cam footage,carnt find it on youtube
    Great buddy - will help a lot. I'll make sure we set up and keep the 3 stage fills going.

    We'll decide what mode of fire on the day. Last month there was quite a few first timers brought along with friends etc so it was decided to stick to semi, but this month is all own gunners so there shouldn't be a problem with 10 or 12 balls ramping......but will confirm on the morning when I've spoken to Jamie and Jon.

    Looking forward to it mate - lets just get this rain out of the way over the next few days!
    Hi mate

    At the moment he's using about 8 dive tanks - 2 of which are 300bar and we're doing a 3 stage fill to get the most out of them! He's getting a new air system from Trev at Hpac soon so won't be for much longer.

    If you could bring down a tank, that would be great mate. No need to book in, just let me know if you're BYO or if you need any blaze.


    hello all sorry about the elay pc went bang hence only just got it sorted. If I have an out standing deal please pm me. thanks And sorry again. ( blody Pc's )
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