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  • hi sir you well this is blakey back in the day i have a ego 6 mint con ill trade you as i have the same colour cocker but manuel
    Still in perfect condition aswell, not a scratch on her :) yeah i got an etha, luxe, ego 11 and etek 3 lined up next just waiting on my new microphone to come through and im going to do a review on them
    I loved every minute of it, i havent got it anymore as i need monies for driving lesson, car insurance etc. but it hasnt gone far :p my best mate has it so see it most training sessions :)
    yh i used it sunday mate its frikkin awesome bud i love it gunna be keepin this for a long time oh btw if you see me postin stuff bout trades thats just me advertising for my bro who has the same gun wants to get rid cos i "copied" him :p getting my pinokio midweek so gunna haul ass with taht thing :p
    cheers buddy thanks for setting it up for me bud, gunna be beast hopefully use it this weekend coming :)
    Just bout to message you bud, will be tomoro :) all done and dusted :D same again you cant post till friday? And ill clear my inox now
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