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  • hi fella, word on the street is you have a creed case you might be willing to part with ;) got a mate who's interested. he wants to know what sort of price you want for it?


    Hi mate

    DP Threshold arrived today - very very sexy indeed!! Just one question - in the sales pic, it had a set of allen keys under the O-ring set, was presuming they were in with the marker - what sizes were they?

    Hey mate, not able to send you any messages??

    Anyhow, £125 all in is good for me, PM me your PayPal stuff so I can put a £25 deposit in there tomorrow please :) (some reason, fraud protection. I'm moving banks soon)


    You've no room for PMs, but will send the stock board tomorrow mate. I imagine it would be hard for you to sell the Promaster without a board haha.
    cheers man forgot all about it till I went to use the gun the other day. will send money as soon as I get your pp address
    hey buddy do you still have my dye ul barrel if so can you ping me your pp addy and I will pay for shipping as I cant get down to collect and my shocker is sitting useless without the barrel atm.
    let me know how much to send

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