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  • Hi here just got round to picking up that Geo. Great condition mate thank you. Boys grabed if off me and used it straight away. LOL

    Thanks again for every thing

    Cheers Darren
    hey dude interested in a dm10 rotor and bottle you know me no ****e any ideas on price, Also what are the dm11 fetching.
    Hi Eastie, loving the NT, no problems so far, no leaks at all which is even better. Kicks a little more than the DM, but has got quieter than when I first had it. Efficency is very good which is a major plus for me as I use a divers bottle for my fills.

    I have only put about 6 cases through it so far so still about 4 to go from what i understand is fully broken in.

    Hows the DM treating you matey?
    if you could do it anyhow they basiclly turned round and said if i dont get people to vouch for me i wont sell my gun
    Hi mate, finally got the NT friday. Really liking in. Only had a go in the back garden so far. But will be trying it out properly this sat.
    Firing at 290-300fps out of the box with proto paint. Shooting very straight. Was hitting my TV aerial pole on my roof no problems.lol

    Had a peek at my mates DM10 Bomber and it was very nice. Going to try and get some pics up on here of both of them in the showcase your marker thread.

    Take it steady mate.

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