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  • thank you very much wendy for yesterday.
    it was our first tourney as a team and it was the first time ever for a couple of our players and they thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

    once again thank you very much.
    cheers for a wicked day wendy, u know how to do it ill give u that!!!


    The pink hopper having, multi jersey wearing guy from SOF!!!
    hey up, apparently ur the one to talk to bout the 3 man on the 16th?? Could u send me some details please and I will hopefully c u there!
    Hi ya - i still hurt from your wonderful snake play :) Great day and you even kept the rain off us

    Woody Senior/Loki
    Hiya gorgeous, had yet another great day out with you & your lovely sis. Our playing was somewhat undesirable but the smiley faces & BIG hugs made up for the rest. I'm not gonna whine & moan to much but you "spanked" us, (wanna try it again?????)

    LOKI love
    Hi Wendy, are you the girl to ask about the PA?

    I've pestered Russ but he's not about. I just wanna know if there's space for another 5 man team at the next PA event.

    It's my pals birthday who was one of the original members of our K2 team and we're thinking of entering as a birthday present to him, bit of fun, get all the old schoolers together.

    Am I too late or can we still book in as Ben Gerrards K2?


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