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  • Hello fella, yeah i mean i played paintball because it was fun, and still got good results...just want to be back on the field really and would be up for maybe joining you guys for a bit of training or whatever...let me know if i need anything or if you want an extra player on your team.
    Haya if u take all 3 ill do for 360 but no cheaper as i can trade them in for 100 also ud have to fetch them or pay for me to take them to u just fuel costs and lastly i bought them new from Dive Life a few months ago i didnt get a certificate but i have a receipt im not sure where it says the dates on the bottle if u have any more queries call me
    do you not have any spare proflex faceplates lying about that you dont use anymore as i really need a faceplate, preferably black since you got that pretty green 1 now ? cheers
    dont want to shift that oops of the etek your buying do you ? I bought a silver xsv one already but ideally need a dust black one
    hello mate seen your post you and your son are looking to play for a team at the moment we are looking for some more players our team is called RAGE we have been playing for 3 years we have done one year at super5ives and have been playing in div 3 at the NSPL we train at the NSPL site bricketwood.
    we have got an event next sunday which is the start of the winter season there is 3 tournys in this season get in touch and let me know the team also has a facebook team page which is the best way to get in touch with the team if your not on facebook pm me back hope to hear from you soon.

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