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    CSL Panther

    Where are you located for collection?
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    Disruption CSRpro

    where is the marker located w
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    GSL wanted

    where are you based James? Move to PM if you like buddy W
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    GSL wanted

    let me know what you want and I will see if my pockets are deep enough buddy w
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    GSL wanted

    As above I would like a Vypr colour way but happy to hear from anyone that is looking to move on a GSL wig
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    Disruption CSRpro

    Still for sale?
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    Still looking for a GSL VYPR

    If anyone has one to part with please get in touch W
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    selling up full kit grab a deal(UPDATED)

    Do you still have th empire goggle cases by any chance? W
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    Planet Light Trooper CSR

    Did this sell?