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  1. k4p84

    Technology updates - Gun related

    All small incremental changes then PE made the IV core which is backwards compatible with all previous GEOs so if you can find a GEO you like that has an IV core it will have the best bolt sys PE could make for the GEO range :-)
  2. k4p84

    Technology updates - Gun related

    Literally anything from 2010ish can be set to comply with the current rule set. The newer you get the better the manufacturer support and spares will be. The GEO line morphed into the CS line when the whole bolt system changed.
  3. k4p84

    Advice on Selling old Proto Gear

    60-70 for it all maybe
  4. k4p84

    speedball arenas

    One41 is the best supair set up in the South, contact Jamie on their facebook page and drop down. During the summer there are Wednesday evening as well as weekend sessions.
  5. k4p84

    Lots of Markers, Some soft goods

    Only the second mantis I have ever seen
  6. k4p84

    68 AutoMag /Ego

    If it was complete and worked about 150 so Knock a bit off that
  7. k4p84

    68 AutoMag /Ego

    Power feed 68 automag set up for CO2 with an extansion bottle, mismatched valve or 8 hole mod valve cap. The side of the valve has been drilled.............. erm thats not great
  8. k4p84

    Marker stands

    A few display stands 3 x bomb stands, dark grey 3 x regular stands, dark grey All are available for £15 shipped
  9. k4p84

    LV with your choice of anno

    Selling an LV 1.something with a little twist. It is all prepared for anodising so here is your chance to get your choice of anno at a reduced cost. You can select from satin finish in single / multiple solid colours, fades, acid washes and splash, watercolour anodising. Marker will be rebuilt...
  10. k4p84

    Wanted vio

    James has some sets FS
  11. k4p84

    2005 Nexus Ego Barrel

    Two piece shafts are not common and are rather sort after
  12. k4p84

    LV1.5 Wanted

    I have an LV1 stripped and ready for anno, could do a deal on it + anno of your choice
  13. k4p84

    Metal Thread

    Rammstein this evening, I am going to ache tomorrow
  14. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    Nope, best of luck with your parts hunt
  15. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    I was going to tease you with pictures of my lovely DM7 :) , my favourite DM by far ! DM8 is the skinny thread but she has a CP reg which is awesome, I should also have a couple of flow plugs and I believe a CP flow plug replacement thingy I'll add in. So 150 in my account for DM8 as you see...
  16. k4p84


    Payment sent
  17. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    A whole 150 shipped and I'll let you look at my lovely DM7 too
  18. k4p84


    £400 shipped and I can pay now good sir
  19. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    will create a sale post etc if you are interested
  20. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    I have a complete DM8 to move, will post images later
  21. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    I don't play it but thankfully the postal service exists! I hope I have a value or life would be meaningless :-/
  22. k4p84

    Where to list my items?

    get enough constructive posts and you can list on here else use
  23. k4p84

    sft shocker reg

    Sid may be a good person to contact
  24. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    Marco was the last person I knew with decent amount of DM7 parts but I think he sold most of them
  25. k4p84

    Creed body leak Hosing like this will work fine, use a good sharp tool to get a good square cut. If you have difficulty getting the hose over the barb dip the end of the hose in hot water for a few seconds.
  26. k4p84

    DM7 & 9 parts

    I could spare one DM7 eye pipe, getting impossible to get hold of now
  27. k4p84

    Soooooo, am trying to find an old gun of mine!

    I've seen some of the later versions, I take it it was this version you where trying to track down ?
  28. k4p84

    Eclipse Marker Stands

    Not that common they appear FS, can always 3D print something :-)
  29. k4p84

    7/8 - 1 inch diameter barrels?

    I guess the shroud etc means any OD larger than that won't fit. Can always get a machinist to turn down a barrel to fit
  30. k4p84

    pE autococker v.i.p 002

    paintballers.... Facebook...... drama, never :-)