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  1. Anotsu

    Good Magfed paint!

    Winter paint is best for Magfed softer paint gets easily dimpled by the spring tension in mags. Once that happens kiss good bye to you accuracy. The winter paint might hit with a bit more authority in the warmer months. But this is mag fed you not going to be mag dumping on anyone. A couple...
  2. Anotsu

    Remote Line Advice

    There QD be from MCS UK was pretty good my mate used that one.
  3. Anotsu

    Remote Line Advice

    Used to love the pro connect II but think they’ve been discontinued. Have a beaten up Ninja line but had issues with it blowing out the prongs. I went back using a really old slide check that just works. Easy to service but unsure of the make.
  4. Anotsu

    Magfed markers?

    Hi Vic, Good to hear it. Think I made one game last year. It was a great days gaming.
  5. Anotsu

    Magfed markers?

    Just trying to gauge if there is much interest in Magfedmaker markers on these boards? I will be looking to move some kit.
  6. Anotsu

    What's your dream job?

    Successful film director or prop builder
  7. Anotsu

    Paintball gear value

    Other might have more of an idea I’ve not really been active on the boards for some time. Take a look around the classifieds to get an idea what similar ones are going for.
  8. Anotsu

    How old are you?

    41 been doing it since late 20s had been to a few walk ons then decided to get all the kit along with a mate of mine. Spent far too much time and money on the sport. :)
  9. Anotsu

    playing footwear?

    Salomon trail running shoes in GTX to cope with rainy days. Merrel or Lowa mid boots for more wood land type stuff protect the ancles again GTX. Not much else dampens the spirit more than cold wet feet for a day or weekend.
  10. Anotsu

    Paintball gear value

    It will depend on the state of the gear. Posts picture to give people a chance to value it?
  11. Anotsu

    MagFed walk-on around London/Midlands

    Splatoon have regular magfed games Tiny is a magfed veteran and was the major force behind the popularisation and growth of Magfed in the UK.
  12. Anotsu

    Pistol recommendations

    Tiberius T8.1 are big but great accuracy and range. Reliability is better than any of the .43 pistols.