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  1. Schmickle

    Small clearout

    For collection at ECPL warped this weekend ONLY, will be there for a bit on Saturday and all day Sunday! All items are used but in good condition, open to offers and any questions feel free to ask :) Purple planet t shirt M - £10 Red fs black mesh sandana - £40 Planet eclipse GSL - £650 Planet...
  2. Schmickle

    Gear Sale - Sandana, GSL

    Paintball sale Planet Eclipse GSL - £825 Sandana Red FS headwrap black mesh (damage on mesh but doesn’t effect it) - £60 Sandana Red FS headband - £290 Planet Hoodie M - £20 Supreme (paintball) T shirt L - £15 Planet T shirt Purple M - £10 Black/red spire 200 - £60 Planet Eclipse Knee Pads M -...
  3. Schmickle

    GSL and Yosh Rau GEO3

    GSL and Yosh Rau GEO3 Quite desirable and priced for that reason, open to offers but I’m not in a hurry for these to go! I’d like to keep these in the UK as many disappear off to the states. Any questions or additional photos please ask! GSL 260 Prestige and Pure part swap - £825 Includes...
  4. Schmickle

    WTB Virtue crown SF

    Looking for a virtue crown sf for the spire 200, ideally black or red! Thanks!
  5. Schmickle

    WTB Spires

    Looking for multiple spires, 3’s or 2’s, also a speedfeed for a 2, thanks!
  6. Schmickle

    Eclipse shaft 3 back and tip

    Looking for black shaft 3 backs and a tip!
  7. Schmickle

    WTB sandbaggers marker

    Longshot but looking for a sandbaggers geo3.1, or any sandbaggers markers available!
  8. Schmickle

    Buying markers from America

    Does anybody have experience with buying markers from America to the U.K.? Would like some advice if it’s safe to do so or if people have had issues and would recommend against! Thanks!
  9. Schmickle


    Would love to find a pure GSL, I’ve got a prestige and pure part swap which I’d be happy to trade with cash on top, would also consider straight cash! More details and photos can be provided if there is interest. Thanks!
  10. Schmickle

    WTB sandana realtree headbands

    Looking for sandana realtree headbands! Multiple if possible, thanks!
  11. Schmickle

    Planet eclipse money clips

    What’s the story behind the planet eclipse money clips? Were they included with something, only given to employees? Just interested! PFA, not my picture.
  12. Schmickle


    Looking for a GI multicam (tan) glide pack, must be 4+, thanks!
  13. Schmickle

    WTB Dye Barrels

    WTB Dye barrels, A/C threaded, ideally stainless steel backs! Thanks!
  14. Schmickle

    WTB Eclipse reg extender

    Looking for one or multiple eclipse reg extenders! Thanks!
  15. Schmickle

    Big kit clearout

    Big kit clearout, prices are all in, open to offers and deals on multiple items! Any questions please ask! Sandana windbreaker jacket Medium - SOLD Sandana t shirt Medium - SOLD Sandana shorts Medium - SOLD HK Army San Diego Aftermath joggers Medium - SOLD HK Army Skull joggers Medium -...
  16. Schmickle

    WTB black/red profiler strap

    Looking for a black/red profiler strap!
  17. Schmickle

    WTB Aftershock Jersey

    Looking for Aftershock jerseys, Lawhead and Markowski take priority! Thanks!
  18. Schmickle


    Looking to buy an eclipse TWSTR! Europe only! Thanks :)
  19. Schmickle


    Any LVR’s for sale?
  20. Schmickle

    TMG Outlaws Gunslinger

    It’s a long shot, but are there any TMG Outlaws Gunslinger markers in the UK?
  21. Schmickle

    Renegade tiger stripe jersey

    Tiger Stripe Renegade jersey For sale is a Medium tiger stripe renegade jersey, one of the nicer/rarer patterns and in very good condition! £110 all in obo Any questions or additional photos please ask!
  22. Schmickle

    Sandana Flying Skulls Goldman Headband

    For sale is a BNIP Goldman Flying Skulls Sandana headband. As far as I’m aware this is the only one in the UK as they were American exclusives! Has a silver tag and perfect ninja star (pinwheel) placement which is the rarest (only 20-30% of the 150 have this placement). Includes headband which...
  23. Schmickle

    Disruption CSRpro

    Selling for a friend: Disruption CSRpro Comes with everything as it should stock, some slight wear on the bolt cap but other than that in perfect condition and shoots incredibly! Believe it is 1 of 8! Any questions please ask :) £775 OBO
  24. Schmickle

    WTB Fire Splash Pro Tip

    Looking for a Fire splash shaft 5 pro tip :)
  25. Schmickle

    Sandana’s and Grillz

    Few bits up for sale, exalt tank cover free to the first person who buys something! Prices include postage, open to offers! Any questions please ask! Blue Flying Skulls Silver mesh sandana - £120 Black Grillz - £30 Black denim headband - £30
  26. Schmickle

    Eclipse Marker Stands

    Looking for eclipse marker stands! :)