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  1. Dusty

    Before facebook - AKA Making 20 posts ‍♂️ (In a meaningful manner)

    i'd just crack on with your old account fella, if there are any issue just shoot me a message :) J
  2. Dusty

    Before facebook - AKA Making 20 posts ‍♂️ (In a meaningful manner)

    or pm me your details, i'll sort it.
  3. Dusty

    Before facebook - AKA Making 20 posts ‍♂️ (In a meaningful manner)

    Can you remember your old account name, was it just Wingnut?
  4. Dusty

    Before facebook - AKA Making 20 posts ‍♂️ (In a meaningful manner)

    Did you not have another account? IF so do you want me to reset your password for you?
  5. Dusty

    Nearly new XLS

    Nah, I'll lock it instead. Delete it and it never happened, leave it and people can see it and make informed decisions about who to make their purchases from :) Have a great day all ;)
  6. Dusty

    Nearly new XLS

    Think you need to reacquaint yourself with the rules fella, anything being sold should at least be in your posession. So far you've admitted : you don't have the marker, clearly haven't read the rules, you've digitally altered a photo to deliberately misrepresent it. No "nothing suspicious...
  7. Dusty

    Nearly new XLS

    Why have you badly photoshopped the username as opposed to handwiting on the pad which was clearly in the picture? Unless you're coming back to me with a very handwritten proof of ownership this is a very suspicious sale........
  8. Dusty

    Forum Search function

    If you can be a little more specific I can have a look for you. It would appear that you are right about the post update results. I will raise that with @admin
  9. Dusty

    Billy Ceranski Tells All .... well .... maybe not all but quite a bit actually.

    Airsoft is a massive market, I can honestly see why people play. it's accessible, cheap, guns look realistic and there is no faffing with air bottles. Still not paintball though so just like decaffeinated coffee, it's wrong.......
  10. Dusty


    Are you on instagram? Drop your name here or any pages you reckon are worth following.
  11. Dusty

    Trying to get back onto my old account?

    New password PM'ed to you
  12. Dusty

    Trying to get back onto my old account?

    I'll look at it now for you.
  13. Dusty

    JT Flex Pricing These Days

    There are a couple of facebook groups if you're into that but they offer silly money then ask silly money. Best bet is to pop everything you have on a post here and you'll get an idea.
  14. Dusty

    The Gun Review - The GTEK M170R ... By Jim Montgomery

    I'm adding in some of my own pictures here so that the Planet guys can remember what it looks like!
  15. Dusty

    Mental health - let's lose the taboo.....

    I was waiting for him to return with his teeth in his hands to tell me it hadn't worked!
  16. Dusty

    Mental health - let's lose the taboo.....

    Try telling her to simply calm down..... that ought to help :D
  17. Dusty

    Has paintball got boring?

    Watch this video, then tell me that paintball wasn't more exciting back in the day? Sure, players a technically more proficient these days but where's the excitement? The controversy? What can we do about it?
  18. Dusty

    Stiffi Switch kit plus some old school classics

    Now there's a blast from the past!!
  19. Dusty

    Mental health - let's lose the taboo.....

    Congratulations on 23 years man, i know people who didn't last 23 months. I'm with my 20 years this year, married 11. You have my sympathies with the PND (post natal depression for the young people with no kids), it's hard to deal with, particularly because my wife knew there was something...
  20. Dusty

    Help please: Unable to post in classified's

    AS long as you're sorted now, any problems tag me or drop me a PM. Always happy to help, despite our sarcasm and dour outlook on life!! ;)
  21. Dusty

    Help please: Unable to post in classified's

    Try again our fella, log out and back in then you should have access. Enjoy......
  22. Dusty

    Help please: Unable to post in classified's

    Sometimes life is terrible. Is it not 3 weeks for new members? Seeing as you asked nicely though i'll have a look at your account.
  23. Dusty

    Exclusive: Interview with Ledz re the weekend's event at Basset's Pole ......

    Pete I'm guessing it was just a formatting mismatch between the forum and what program you originally wrote the interview in.
  24. Dusty

    Pmr O-ring kit .

    BZ are a dealer, I'm sure they could hook you up. alternatively, look up your particular manual online and order what sizes you need online.
  25. Dusty

    Skill Breakdown: Running and Gunning

    Good read, thanks for taking the time. Do you happen to have any drills for the training field you would be keen to share?
  26. Dusty

    NXLE - Prague

    NXL live facebook feed
  27. Dusty

    NXLE - Prague

    I wish. Next year if @Robbo sends me to report on the event maybe!!
  28. Dusty

    Privileges to post on for sale posts

    Changes are coming, I know it can be slow at times but we can't rebuild the forum activity overnight. The threshold was brought in to stop scammers and it worked, when was the last time you saw anyone complain about not receiving kit they'd bought? like anything, it can and will be improved but...
  29. Dusty

    So, you wanna know how to improve your game? ...... Dusty spills his guts .... and his opponent's

    You have to practice all techniques with the same approach. What do you need from a snap shot? Minimising YOUR target area while giving you just enough time to fire ONE accurate shot. Key points, minimise, accurate, fast. Set up a static target and have someone stand there. Practice your form...
  30. Dusty

    Washing gear

    Do it like a man, stand and be powerwashed. I'd put most stuff in the wash, not the pack as it can ruin the velcro so a quick hose down usually for it. If it's completely bogging, hose it off first to take the worst of the muck and paint, then wash.