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  1. crillz

    *** CASH READY - Broken/ Working DMs/ DSR/ PM8

    Anyone have a DM/ PM they want to sell.
  2. crillz

    015 BN70 o-ring

    anyone have 1 (maybe 2) that I could buy.
  3. crillz

    Dye Hyper 3 Regulator Grips (BLACK) - older style

    Anyone have a used one - in good condition for sale.
  4. crillz

    PE + Dye + Tadao + HK Army Bits & Pieces

    *** Prices include > RM First Class Postage *** PE IV Core - boxed + extra soft tip. Only used in 3-4 events. All parts were new - dad to gather different parts from all over the world. £125 PE Geo 2 - Vicious Body - in great condition. £100 Tadao Yakuza Mikko Board - DM9/DM10 - Used but...
  5. crillz

    WTB - Dye DSR

    anyone looking to sell their DSR..
  6. crillz

    PE Geo 2/2.1

    Anyone have a cheap geo 2/2.1
  7. crillz


    Used but in great condition. See photos for areas of wear+pitted areas on the marker. Stock board & bolt. Anno on the barrel back is clean but on the barrel front - its quite pitted. Still useable. Comes boxed, with extra o-rings+gaskets, ASA, drop. *** NOTE - theres a tiny leak at the top...
  8. crillz

    Dye NT11 parts

    Anyone have any spares/ parts for an NT11.
  9. crillz

    DM Markers

    Anyone have any DM markers for sale. Don't mind condition as long as its in working condition. Will also consider non-working ones too.
  10. crillz

    *** SOLD *** DM9 - Silver/ Champagne - F Stamped - *** SOLD ***

    DM9 - Silver/ Champagne Grip Frame is F Stamped Used but not abused - some signs of wear but nothing major | Eye pipe has some cracks but still useable | Serial number was scratched onto the body by the previous owner All stock - board + bolt + trigger No leaks Comes with tock UL barrel -...
  11. crillz

    Dye DM9 *** SOLD ***

    Dye DM9 - MATT BLACK - in very good condition. All stock. Mark on the left side Dye logo. Can't see any other marksRubber grips feel very new and grippy. Bolt is in good condition. comes with tock 2 piece Dye UL barrel (very clean like the marker) and new eye pipe. Last time I gassed it (a few...
  12. crillz

    please delete

    please delete.
  13. crillz

    Dye DMs

    what do people have for sale..
  14. crillz

    *** SOLD *** Dye DM9 - MATT BLACK

    Looking to sell my Dye DM9 (Matt Black). In really good condition. Very clean body - can't see any marks apart from the left side dye logo. Comes with a 2 piece Dye UL barrel in very good condition (no barrel tip wear). Stock Board. Never game played - only gassed up/ ran a couple of paintballs...
  15. crillz

    Dye Rotor

    Dye Rotor - budget around £30
  16. crillz

    Eclipse Elite HDE playing pants size S or M

    Anyone have a pair for sale - looking for a size S or M.
  17. crillz

    016 NBR70 o-ring

    Anyone have a 016 NBR70 o-ring for an SL3 Inline Regulator - Geo 2.
  18. crillz

    Shipping Markers - US > UK??

    So I am thinking of buying a used marker from the US. And I was wondering if there are any rules/ regulations on having it shipped to the UK. Am I allowed to have it shipped without any issues. Thanks
  19. crillz

    Dye Air Tank 1.1/ 1.2

    Looking to buy a Dye Air Tank 1.1/ 1.2
  20. crillz

    Billy Wing Bolt > DM9

    Anyone have a Billy Wing Bolt for a DM9
  21. crillz

    Dye Ultralite Back

    Already got a standard 688 back. so I'm looking to get a smaller/ bigger bore. Thanks.
  22. crillz

    DM10 + Dye backpack

    Anyone have a DM10 that they want to sell. Also looking for a Dye Escape backpack. Thanks
  23. crillz

    Dye Rotor

    Dye Rotor - preferably black.. but will look at other colours Thanks
  24. crillz

    tank re-test place??

    Anyone have any recommendations on where I can get my tank tested. I see that Just Paintball do it but want to know some others. Thanks
  25. crillz

    Lets see your Dye Matrixs :)

    I'm curious what DMs people have. Just trying to liven up the forums.
  26. crillz - checkout

    Im trying to order some things - when I'm in the checkout.. filling out the address. I cant seem to find United Kingdom in the list. Has anyone ordered from this website before??
  27. crillz

    WTB - JT bottoms (black) + Soft foam ears (black)

    WTB - JT bottoms + Soft foam ears Don't mind condition as long as they are usable
  28. crillz

    DM9 board.. maybe a DM10??

    Anyone know what board I have in my DM9. Spoke to Billy Wing and he said Dye's never made a board like mine. I looked at the DM10 manual and on page 8 and 11 - you can clearly see its the same yellow board. I would like to know before I spend on a new board - that can do 10.5bps...
  29. crillz

    WTB - eyes > DM9

    recently bought a DM9 and one of the wires for the eyes is broken. anyone have one that I can have or buy. thanks.
  30. crillz > LEGIT??

    Placed an order on Friday and haven't received a confirmation if they have shipped or not. First time ordering from them. Sent them an email and the only reply I got was from Ian Sampson just saying thank you for ordering form us/etc. Still no update on my order. I'll give them a few more days...