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  1. thewoodenspoon

    Wanted LUXE wall charger

    Hi all, Dusted my LUXE off the other day, as getting my kit all ready to get back on the field after about 3 years! I need a new charger as mine was pinched by a teammate and sold with his marker a while back, cheeky sod! But ah well haha, been looking on a few sites but all out of stock, so...
  2. thewoodenspoon

    Graveyard Plz

    Hello guys and girls! I have been pondering for a while and I have finally decided I'm ready to part ways with my Luxe, This was brought from ANS gear as one of their 1 of 1 style colors, a truly beautiful marker which hasn't seen a whole lot of usage, I would say in total has seen less than 10...