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  1. shogun666


    Emek for sale Only used in the garden to put a few balls through it. Practically brand new Has a different body on it can't remember what it's called, Has a shadow soft nose bolt And an adjustable trigger Comes with everything that was in the box when bought ( spares kit, Allen keys, sock) And...
  2. shogun666

    Vert maxflo

    After a vertical maxflo for an impulse build
  3. shogun666

    Max flow

    After an on/off max flow like the pic any colour
  4. shogun666


    Dye i4,s good condition, need a new lens, £45 posted, friends and family SOLD
  5. shogun666

    Smart parts impulse, offers

    Got a standard impulse, shoots on semi, but eyes aren't working, no leaks , £70 posted
  6. shogun666

    Freak inserts wanted

    After some inserts normal size not Already got green and black
  7. shogun666

    Peanut 48 bottle

    As in title, in date or not
  8. shogun666

    Vertical maxflo

    After a vertical maxflo
  9. shogun666

    Z2 hopper

    looking for a z2 hopper
  10. shogun666

    Strange impulse

    Looking for a strange impulse, always wanted one,
  11. shogun666

    Impulse parts

    Just bought a bog standard 2004 impulse vision and I'm looking for upgrades, I frame would be nice but anything considered
  12. shogun666

    Lp reg

    Looking for a low pressure reg , gorilla or ninja or what have you
  13. shogun666

    Angel air reg

    Anyone got an old angel air reg, the big square one, wanted for a project
  14. shogun666

    Freak shaft back

    Freak shaft back with one 684 insert £35 posted
  15. shogun666

    Hand held chronograph

    As in title £30 posted
  16. shogun666

    One of a kind vanquish

    One of a kind vanquish, comes with 4 matching barrel backs green and purple £250 posted
  17. shogun666

    Ego 11 with dart

    Black ego 11 with dart kit, nice marker £220 all in
  18. shogun666

    Grillz lenses

    After some grills lenses
  19. shogun666

    Wanted vanquish 1.5 or 2.0

    After a vanquish 1.5 or 2.0 whats out there