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  1. Akitat

    SAR CARMATECH 12 - For sale east mids £800.00- drop to £750.00

    SAR 12 carmatech sniper rifle - Camo hydro dip (worn and aged,visible cracking), rebuild kit, 3 normal mags, case (1 buckle of 4 broken), semi auto kit for additional option to bolt action, grease, bipod and sights. Has a tank shown in pics but will be out of date. Has been sat in case for 4...
  2. Akitat

    SAR 12 CARMATECH - Price Check

    Hello All, I have a SAR 12 full details below and am looking to sell it but have no idea on price. Could someone please confirm an estimated value? SAR 12 carmatech sniper rifle Used but good condition with camo wrap, new sling, unused rebuild kit, 3 mags, case, semi auto kit for additional...
  3. Akitat

    Eclipse Trousers HDE

    Eclipse HDE trousers worn once XL £70
  4. Akitat


    Hello All, I am wanting a freak inserts set with or without case. Do not need barrel. Thanks
  5. Akitat

    CPPS - Training day - Walk Through Needed

    Hello All, I am planning on going to a CPPS training day some Sunday soon. I normally play scenario days/weekends. Can someone provided me with what to expect as a beginner and what to do to get the most from my day ? Thanks
  6. Akitat

    WTB: dye rotor 2, spire 3, tfx2

    Hello, I am looking for black or black and gold of any of the 3 above hoppers. Thanks
  7. Akitat

    Playing Trousers

    Hello All, I am looking for Black and Gold or just black gear. Need Trousers. Trousers is M Many Thanks
  8. Akitat

    Apparel Release Dates

    Hello All, Is anybody aware of the manufacturers having a standard release date for certain items of gear. I am interested in knowing about Jersey's, Trousers, and Battlepacks. E.g Does DYE release a Jersey every 2 years in September. Many Thanks