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  1. Tony Harrison

    Paintball F8MOUS - hardcover book by P8NT Magazine

    I was a backer of this Kickstarter when it began in 2019. In short, it reached the target very quickly and everyone who backed it is still waiting on the finished product. Just wondered if anyone else in the UK backed it? This is the thread on pbnation that has been charting its progress...
  2. Tony Harrison

    Eclipse EMF100 - now £320 all in, or £350 with 4 DYE mags!

    Eclipse EMF100, boxed, unused with tags. Bought as I was going to start playing Magfed, didn't. £360 posted.
  3. Tony Harrison

    SOLD! Thanks!

    Eclipse EMEK, boxed, unused, spares, grease, manual. Fitted with a "bang switch" for a shorter trigger pull, custom slotted body by Northern Custom Works, and a brand new Geo lo-rise feedneck. Standard body is supplied also. £250 posted. This is priced as it is because people are now selling...
  4. Tony Harrison

    SOLD! Thanks!

    Eclipse GTEK 170R, pristine, unused barrel. Just over 11k on the counter. £420 all in.
  5. Tony Harrison

    SOLD! Thanks!

    Clone 5s, gold bolt, boxed with instructions, spares and barrel with 2 inserts. £220 posted!
  6. Tony Harrison

    ETHA 2, £230 posted!

    ETHA 2 in HDE Urban, hardly used, with spares, manual, sock, case. £230 0 posted.
  7. Tony Harrison

    Is This A Pivotal Moment? It's Up To You.....

    I shouldn't be up typing this now. I should be in bed because I need to be in work for 6.45am, but I can't sleep because I'm thinking about this. Bear with me. It was 4.30am when I starting typing and this post is kind of "out there". There have been many pivotal moments in paintball since...
  8. Tony Harrison

    ***2020 Gun Whores Club***

    Any interest in reviving the GWC, to get some conversation going on this forum? The older members will remember this. It's just a "club" - or maybe it could evolve into a "team" - made up of players who can't stop buying paintball markers. Put simply, the more markers you have owned, the...
  9. Tony Harrison

    RIP Tim Montressor

    I'm shocked - longtime pro player Tim - and the man behind the ICC - has died. RIP.
  10. Tony Harrison

    CPPS is a go!

    CPPS has announced how they are running the rest of the season (from August) on their FB page. Really happy about this. From the FB page:- This past couple of months you’ve all been incredibly patient and supportive. A special thank you to those teams who donated and gave up their deposits...
  11. Tony Harrison

    Eclipse M170R, £390 posted

    M170R, bought brand new and used once at GCC last year. £410 posted. Now £390 posted!
  12. Tony Harrison

    Where next for the NXL.....

    A you may already know, the NXL have cancelled their next two US events - Richmond in June, Chicago in September - leaving just the World Cup in November on the calendar. But with only 1 out of 4 pre-Cup events having been played (Texas was also cancelled), they have come up with the idea of...
  13. Tony Harrison

    NXL Texas 2020 Cancelled

    Cancelled due to Covid. The way things are going, it looks like the bigger paintball events in the UK may also be cancelled/postponed - I'm thinking CPPS & NvS.
  14. Tony Harrison

    NXL Spain 2020 - Postponed

    The Euro NXL event due to take place in Gandia between 2-5 April has been postponed. If you paid for flights etc using a credit card, you should be able to get your money back.
  15. Tony Harrison


    @Bolter, were you at CPPS yesterday or was it your brother?
  16. Tony Harrison

    Unused Resurrection Cocker, £380 posted

    Unused Resurrection Cocker, boxed with everything unused - barrel kit, spares, instruction CD, allen key set, sock. Supplied with Hybrid 45 grips & standard grips. £420 posted - now £380 posted!
  17. Tony Harrison

    Forum Search function

    Hi Trying to help a Nexus player track down his old marker, as I'm pretty sure it (or one like it) was sold on here - but the search function only appears to be bringing up results that post-date the forum revision. That is, all the info that predates the revision cannot be searched. For...
  18. Tony Harrison


    EMEK, PAL enabled, used once at the GCC - with everything from new apart from the barrel sock, which was lost in the Birmingham mud. Was £175, now £165 posted!
  19. Tony Harrison

    Grand Central Classic & Paintfest 2019

    Good points:- 1. Amazing turnout of old school players for the GCC, including Tris (NWC) who came over from Australia, a whole bunch of yanks, Magued & Joy, and Dave Coombes ( who flies over from Sweden to play); 2. A ton of players who hadn't played for years came out for this. 2. It's...
  20. Tony Harrison


    Eclipse LV 1.5 in Gloss Red/Black. Boxed with matching barrel, unused spares, lube, manual, sock. Shot count less than 550 - I prefer a CS. £450 posted. , with