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    Help please: Unable to post in classified's

    Good afternoon. Hoping a kind mod can help me out, I'm sure your sick of hearing this but....... Im not able to post in the classifieds section of this forum. I believe I have met all the criteria, ie 20 'Usefull posts' and have been a member for 14 days. I have also logged in and out and...
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    Old skull Camo jersey - anyone make them?

    Hi, With the resurgence of the woods ball scene I'm coming across some re-makes of some old classics. However struggling to find a Camo style jersey in a cotton like material - the cotton bit is the bit I'm struggling with. Sandana I believe used to make one years ago but no longer can find...
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    Lightweight bottle

    Hi, Can someone help get me up to speed with the current bottle offerings of the market. Not seen any Stako bottles around, so I'm guessing these are no longer available. What are the current lightweight bottle offerings? Are they still disposed of after 5 years? Thanks
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    Training / Open days at CCPS

    Hi, Just wondering if CPPS holds open days and if so are these a regular occurrence, ie last `Sundays of each month. Could someone be kind enough to also let me know some indicative costs & formats. Cheers
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    Technology updates - Gun related

    Hi, Trying to get up to speed with the current shooter offerings. Looking for something which would be able to hold its own on a field. Seems like the Geo range is no longer available - Unsure of the differences if any on the 3, 3.1 and 3.5's. Unfortunately my search function doesn't return...
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    Jt profiles & Empire E-flex or alternatives

    Evening, Just wondering what the going rate is for a pair of used JT proflex - I'm assuming there is no new stock available anywhere on planet earth. Same question regarding the E-flex ( in all black) Anything else worth considering (Not a fan of the ultra small profile of the Dye line) Regards
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    Places to play West Midlands

    Evening, Looking for venues to play in the West Midlands area - hoping for some pointers/advice on fields. Looks like Skirmish paintball in Wolverhampton used to do walk-on days. Anyone know if they still hold these? CPPS, are they open on a weekly basis? NPF look likes a good site, any...