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    Best mek

    I’ve got am m170 and a Cs2 , both are awesome but I love shooting my m170 more. I use it every chance I can.
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    Sorry mate long gone
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    New Feature on P8ntballer …..

    Cool Pete, its getting interesting but not just for the chopping block. You have to do Mel , he was there at the beginning and is back again. He is the most level headed guy i have known in paintball. Ok he`s not much about supair but whatever he says is interesting and worth listening to
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    The Gun Review - The GTEK M170R ... By Jim Montgomery

    We`ve got a few these and i love mine !
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    Midnight cs 1 SOLD

    Midnight CS1 SOLD With freak and standard backs, and two fronts .
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    DYE U/L tip

    No , I am English :) . I do know him though, he doesn’t live far from me
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    DYE U/L tip

    Pretty sure they are standard only have a metric ruler. £10 but only if can be picked up at ukwm or depending on where you live. If it’s near a team mates they can bring it back when they are over in a couple of weeks. Living in Sweden so the postage probably more than it’s worth
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    DYE U/L tip

    Got gloss and dust black
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    Gmek with both electro and mech frames for sale at paintfest £300