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  1. scooby_doo

    Complete Kit for sale Incl Gtek 170R

    Hi, The steel bottle with cover still available? will take pm me
  2. scooby_doo

    BT Omega Marker & loads of gear lot 2

    You willing to split anything and sell separately?
  3. scooby_doo

    Hello All Unsure On The Pricing For These, Can Anyone Help?

    Join the angel forum on Facebook and some american will pay for the Angel and angel air reg, I would expect much more than any brit will even with postage you will do better, no idea on the rest
  4. scooby_doo

    SOLD - Gemini EMC kit for LV1 and Etek

  5. scooby_doo

    SOLD - Gemini EMC kit for LV1 and Etek

    Hi bought this some time ago with a view to using it on my Etek but didnt go with the look so its never been on the field. £20 shipped , looks good on there but I preferred the cleaner look - Sold to Tincs
  6. scooby_doo

    Various items for sale

    All items posted (well getting picked up by Hermes tomorrow) so you should get an email from them tomorrow once picked up with tracking. If you dont let me know.
  7. scooby_doo

    Various items for sale

    Ok James thats fine you have my Paypal
  8. scooby_doo

    Various items for sale

    ok pm sent
  9. scooby_doo

    Various items for sale

    Ok , you cover paypal fees though will pm my paypal if you accept SD
  10. scooby_doo

    Various items for sale

    Having abit of a clearout all prices include postage and will be sent via 2nd class post. Gtek/Tipx/TMC will be sent via courier service. Payment is via PayPal and you will be responsible for all PayPal fees 1. Gtek, works perfectly, no anno wear and loads and loads of o'ring spares, was my...
  11. scooby_doo

    Valuation advice please - Angel, TMC, Tpx

    Hi Folks have afew bits which I want to move on but no idea what they are worth so some advice needed 1st up Angel One, not been used for a couple of years so will need a relube and possibly orings but plenty of spares with it not had the time, good part is the board and eyes work as they...
  12. scooby_doo

    piniko,hammer head barrel +fittings GOG&AC vest+trousers+jerseys

    Pants still for sale? whats your best price including postage? no damage?
  13. scooby_doo

    Kit Sale

    Is the tank taken or still for sale?
  14. scooby_doo

    TipX - wanted

    If you are still searching I have one, it is in good condition, from memory think it has 1 or 2 normal mags and 2 extended mags