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  1. sie2050

    LV1.6 zircon and Red/Purple Luxe ice

    Hey guys slight downsizing of the stable, got too many markers and not using them all, also advertised on Facebook by a Friend. Planet Eclipse Ego LV1.6 Zircon Colourway as new hardly used with no wear marks/scratches etc comes with soft case 3 FL backs 677 685 689 spares baggy heavy ram grease...
  2. sie2050

    Old Shocker SFT/NXT

    As above any floating about for sale? mostly for nostalgia and to use as a fun marker lets see whats out there cheers -si-
  3. sie2050

    graveyard please

    Hi guys as per title, White virtue VIO contour used but in good condition £sold White Vforce Grillz Like new Hardly used £sold to ollie274 Dynasty Black JT Strap Good Condition £sold Dye C4 Jersey yellow size XL £sold Laysick 411 xlite Camo Pant Size M (32-36) £sold Redz 3+2+2 pack £sold...