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  1. Tom

    Buying from america 2nd hand??

    This is difficult one and will always be personal judgement and how valuable that item is to you - the risk and reward of buying that special thing from far away 1) Goods and services on PayPal gives you payment protection, but only as long as everything fits the rules. Paintball guns have...
  2. Tom

    Looking for a place to play???

    Probably worth giving them a ring to check. On their Facebook the latest update was in June, and is showing as ‘unavailable’ to me. Either their social media is very inactive or it may have not fully survived the Covid era
  3. Tom

    Trying to ressurect an old tippman 98...

    A common cause for the fart & a form of full auto is the trigger sear. When the air pressure has dropped too low the bolt/hammer doesn’t cycle fully and therefore fails to engage on the sear which results in burping and auto cycling. This can also occur due to wear stopping the sear from...
  4. Tom

    Email Verification

    Perhaps …. @Dusty ?
  5. Tom

    Email Verification

    I’m not sure on the average timing, but in theory it should be almost instantaneous I am aware that Gmail often has problems with emails from forum software and potentially holds them back or blocks them as spam (without getting as far as the recipients spam folder)
  6. Tom

    Questionable Behaviour?

    @Tony Harrison has been nowhere near my pants
  7. Tom

    Getting into the paintball business

    Spring power is a no go. That only allows for the Splatmaster 0.50” spring action type, and you would only be able to run the child’s party groups which are typically on a fixed price for parents to budget a party Check out the series of videos by Martello of Paintball magazine / On Target...
  8. Tom

    Newcastle - Retired player seeks advice on return to the sport with his now 16 year old son.

    I’ve stealth modded Newcastle into the title to give a hint to anyone with more local knowledge Walkons either have a strong following or fizzle out depending on locality & the crowd Any gear you already have will still be up to the job, except for expired bottles and what level of...
  9. Tom

    Good Old Sites & Where Did You Start Playing?

    I’m on an Airsoft forum, regularly telling them that I won’t play and giving them my paintball wisdom …….. However, I do have a valid Airsoft interest having run Airsoft games, and it’s all about shooting each other for fun
  10. Tom

    Good Old Sites & Where Did You Start Playing?

    Marbles? Subbuteo? Peas & straws?
  11. Tom

    I Thought Co2 Was As Dead As Fried Chicken

    I detect some strange activity
  12. Tom

    Delta Force / IPG / Epic paintball

    Someone has been rebranding, and has displayed old branded equipment …… ….. and came running after a certain person asking if they wanted more info….. This t-shirt ought to have been a clue
  13. Tom

    AUCTION: Vintage 6-Mag 12 gram CO2 loader

    Well spotted that man My bid still stands if @cheyenne wants to pull out. ;-)
  14. Tom

    How to gain sufficient Privilege to comment to threads.

    If you can work out your old account then admin might be able to sort you out. But otherwise it’s to be on for 2 weeks and to make 20 posts (Returning users are good for interesting back stories) Or the instant route is to sign up to Platinum at £8 for a year or £20 for life...
  15. Tom

    AUCTION: Vintage 6-Mag 12 gram CO2 loader

    Count me in for starters….. £60
  16. Tom

    Collective opinions on which mask and why

    Correct …. Though I do still own all of mine and used to replace the full set of lenses every year as spares/loans until it got a bit ridiculous (correction - I’m missing one set, which I think disappeared one day with the guy I loaned it to put it down & it probably got gathered by the site...
  17. Tom

    Collective opinions on which mask and why

    Note that strictly speaking every set of goggles has replaceable foam. I have replaced the foam in a couple of sets of goggles using the currently available alternate foam set It’s not so great a feature - nice to have rather than it being impossible to do, but after a few years in you often...
  18. Tom

    How to sell

    It’s within your profile account settings at the link below, and £8 for a years Platinum (£20 for life if you were to stay)
  19. Tom

    YouTube Channel for Newcomers!

    Nice stuff I don’t like all the yoof graphics, I like your main piece of advice - talk to people and ask questions. That’s the best advice that’s out there. You also have the 2nd best advice about taking care of your body - hydration, pads, knee supports etc, and you think that you’re an old...
  20. Tom

    Air bottle size.

    In speedball you will be playing short games and should be able to refill air between them, therefore the smaller capacity of a stubby should not be a ‘disadvantage’ The real thing to consider is the ergonomics and balance as to what is right
  21. Tom

    New to paintball, needing advice/guidance on what gear to get.

    ….. just as an addendum, my old post below compared some cylinder sizes & weights My two 48ci cylinders were 1600g for the aluminium and 1000g for the fibre A ‘normal’ 4800 would be sized at about 68ci, but I had a bigger 91ci at 1700g A 68ci fibre would probably be slightly lighter than the...
  22. Tom

    New to paintball, needing advice/guidance on what gear to get.

    Other than that a 48ci fibre will achieve a weight saving, I wouldn’t like to recommend something I have big arms and hands, so my 48 is shorter than optimum for me, but I can comfortably use it when that’s the one I chose to use* * I can’t currently use it as I allowed it to expire and have...
  23. Tom

    New to paintball, needing advice/guidance on what gear to get.

    For clothing you want something comfortable that will survive your style of play and the environment In the woods you generally don’t need padding, but knee pads will protect when you kneel Ideally you won’t want to dive and slide on random woodland ground, so wouldn’t need the knee / elbow...
  24. Tom

    New to paintball, needing advice/guidance on what gear to get.

    Where and how you play will dictate your needs on clothing For your cylinder I will assume that you currently have a ‘standard’ aluminium 3000psi compressed air HPA cylinder You obviously need the right cylinder type for the available fills … and that it is suitable for your DSR Here in the...
  25. Tom

    'Pro' events in Europe

    Something is referred to, but not detailed on the Facebook link below. There’s a ‘deadline’ for the something to be resolved
  26. Tom

    Most Powerful Paintball gun

    For the majority HPA will be best - if does depend on where you play though How old are your children & where will they play ? HPA using standard 3000psi aluminium cylinders is the best value for money, and fill them on site as you play You don’t need a compressor unless you are regularly...
  27. Tom

    Want to start speedball

    You’re in, welcome
  28. Tom

    Oil / dropper for Co2 markers ???

    If the original bottle has any details on it for its grade then use that as a guide for an equivalent alternative (You won’t want ‘proper’ gun oil, but a paintball orientated gun oil)
  29. Tom

    Want to start speedball

    If you really really must have a specific item currently in the classifieds then the shortcut to instant access is to upgrade your membership to Platinum Though the money from Platinum upgrades goes to help fund the hosting costs etc, and I went for lifetime membership myself ….. I generally...
  30. Tom

    Electronic Hopper

    Are you working on a faulty hopper or want to design one?